Girl By The Seine - 塞纳河畔的女孩

  • Auteur: Li (Mona) Minming
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The story of this book is based on the main character Feiyan, and it has written a legendary story about generations of people across races. Feiyan is a girl who walked out of the mountains. When she was 18 years old, she escaped because of her dissatisfaction with the arranged marriage. After many setbacks, she came to Paris to make a living, but encountered various misfortunes. In desperation, she wanted to go to the Seine to kill herself. She happened to be rescued by the Frenchman Robert who helped her out of the predicament. The two have been in love for a long time. The story of "The Girl on the Seine" unfolds. Later, she was arrested by the police for teaching Chinese martial arts and experienced hardships. She almost lost her life in a car accident. She had a bad fate and a rough life. Finally, she was forced to leave Robert, travel alone, and embarked on a more difficult and dangerous life journey. 《塞纳河畔的女孩》,本书故事以主人公飞燕为主线展开,写了几代人跨种族的传奇故事。 飞燕是个大山里走出来的姑娘。她18岁那年,因不满包办婚姻而逃出来,后几经周折,来到巴黎谋生,却遭遇了种种不幸。绝望之际,她想去塞纳河自尽。恰巧被法国人罗伯特救起,并帮她走出了困境。两人日久生情。《塞纳河畔的女孩》的故事由此展开。后因教人学中国武术被警察带走,经历磨难。一场车祸险些丢命,她命运多舛,人生坎坷。最后被迫离开罗伯特,独自远行,开始了一段更艰险的人生旅程。