Perspectives on Montessori

The pedagogy of Maria Montessori

  • Auteur: Twelve renowned Montessori authors, Nineteen international Montessori experts, Foreword by Adele Diamond
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A Montessori school is a school that practices the pedagogy of Maria Montessori. For over 100 years, the Montessori method has successfully contributed to the education of children all over the world and the method is still being used daily: her legacy can be found in thousands of Montessori schools in more than 148 countries across the globe. Confirmation that the Montessori method is future proof and ready for the coming century. The Montessori method has been extensively described and has influenced many people working in education. This book is a collection of personal perspectives, providing an insight into the ways in which Montessori has helped to shape how practitioners, school leaders and researchers perceive the purpose, core practices and outcomes of Montessori education. After the foreword by Adele Diamond, 19 international experts write about their own vision of the Montessori method. The aim of Perspectives on Montessori is to highlight and celebrate the success and uniqueness of the Montessori method to inspire and enrich readers with respect to the ways in which the Montessori method is envisioned and implemented. The book also challenges you, our reader, to reflect on your own perspective on Montessori. Perspectives on Montessori consists of the contributions of the following authors: Marisa Canova - Cofounder and Director of the Training Center at Fundación Argentina María Montessori, Argentina Connie Carballo - Cofounder and Executive director of Fundación Argentina María Montessori, Argentina Astrid Steverlynck – Leader of Special Projects at Fundación Argentina María Montessori, Argentina Adele Diamond - Canada Research Chair Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Canada Chang Lei - Director of Xiamen XinMeng Montessori Kindergarten, China Rukmini Ramachandran - Director of Navadisha Montessori School and the Managing Trustee of the Indian Montessori Foundation, India Jaap de Brouwer – Researcher and Montessori trainer at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands Els Mattijssen - Montessori trainer and researcher at Vivid Onderwijs, the Netherlands Patrick Sins – Professor Alternative Education at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences and Professor Learning at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands Mirjam Stefels – Montessori trainer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands Symen van der Zee – Professor Alternative Education at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands Jan Gaffney - Mentor, coach and consultant for Montessori education, school principal and past president of Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand, New Zealand Carla Foster – Director of Elementary Montessori training for the University of South-eastern, Norway Nina Helen Johansen – Executive director of Montessori Norway, Norway Beata Bednarczuk – Associate Professor in the Institute of Pedagogy at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Poland André Shearer – Chairman of the Indaba Foundation, South-Africa Hsien-Wei Lee - Teacher at Harvard Montessori Educational Institution, Taiwan Barbara Isaacs – President of Montessori Europe, United Kingdom Angeline S. Lillard - Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia, United States Ginni Sacket – Montessori trainer for the Association Montessori Internationale, United States