Your wake-up call - e-book

Your guide to inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm

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"Your Wake-Up Call" is your personal guide toward inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm. It's an inside look into the mind of an individual who is not only educated, but also a street-smart businessman that has had to deal with various situations concerning family, friends and business.

"Your Wake-Up Call" is a combination of characteristics Charles Ruffolo believes a person must possess, in order to give them the ability to be inspired, motivated and enthused in everyday life.

After a twenty year career in het U.S. military, Charles D.A. Ruffolo settled down in the Netherlands and enriched our business environment with his talents as a professional networker. These items created the capital for The NetworKing B.V. in 1999, a professional network organization that brings businesses closer together and helps nurture profitable and meaningful business relationships.

Ruffolo is an international speaker, trainer, moderator, bestseller author and publisher who has spoken in ten countries, presents over 150 times each year. He is an active member of various business clubs and serves on numerous business clubs and boards (Member American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, former President of the Amsterdam American Business Club, Advisory Board/Partner Big Improvement Day and Founder of the Giving Back Foundation).

Ruffolo has used the power of Internet technology to demonstrate that NetworKing is truly a business of daily necessity by starting The Network Club which has thousands of members around the global. Charles has arranged former President of the United States of America, Clinton and Richard Branson to visit the Netherlands several times. He also successfully arranged and coordinated for the Government of Aruba former USA Vice President Al Gore to headline their `Green Aruba event.

In 2010, Charles entered into partnership with Anne Marie Westra from EPLÚ Management Support. They jointly organize Networking training, workshops, presentations and lectures for companies, groups and organizations throughout the Netherlands and beyond.

Based on the foundations of The NetworKing concept, in 2010 Charles started The NetworKing Academy. Together with Anne Marie Westra, who is the Co-Founder, he has found in ACE Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship/University of Amsterdam the ideal platform and meeting centre for companies and networks. The NetworKing Academy enlightens corporate and entrepreneurial network related topics with up-to-date business situations, where its graduates will become skilled professional networkers.

In 2011 Ruffolo was closely involved setting up 24Kitchen, the first Dutch food lifestyle platform that creates a community where food is of paramount importance. In 2012 24Kitchen was voted Netherlands best TV channel.

Ruffolos philosophy about Networking is that its a `give and take process with people with whom you have a direct or indirect relationship. Networking enables you to go directly from A to Z and skip the usual path through B to Y.

Charless has written a book on Networking, Network Your Way to Success, also published in Dutch and Chinese, and he has created the NetworKing card game called the `Ruffle Shuffle.

In 2014 he has published his most recent book, Your Wake-Up Call, which is available in English and Dutch.

Who you know is not as important as who knows YOU!

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