Love and death in saving Europe - e-book

  • Auteur: Rita Dulci Rahman, Jose Miguel Andreu
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  • Verschenen: 05-05-2012
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  • Productvorm: E-book (EPUB)
  • Taal: Engels
  • Uitgever: LM Essential Europe
  • Aantal pagina's: 203
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When Marlein Ditch, German Chancellor, informs Jacques Perrier, President
of France, that four southern Eurozone countries are planning to form a federation within the Union, the two leaders decide to drastically reconstruct the EU project by enabling nine Eurozone countries to escape from the no-way-out crisis of the Euro..

Of course their initiative is facing strong opposition, even dangerous manipulations, while in their private life unexpected developments lead to the tragic death of a top EU civil servant and the disappearance of the lover of the wife of the President, who was captured and sent to a Center for the Treatment of Information in Africa. All ends well when at the fifth anniversary of the
European Federation in 2018 the two main characters share happy life experiences be it out of politics.

First Reviews
An extremely interesting book, full of surprises and a pleasant voyage in Europe as it takes the readers to several European heritage cities. Meanwhile the main characters have to cope with the EU crisis and painful developments in their private lives. The book is full of unexpected developments up to the last page. Whoever starts reading will only stop at the very end. Robert Vornis served as Ambassador of the Netherlands in Mozambique, Bangladesh, Mexico and Philippines.
As the Euro problems worsen, proposals for greater political integration are becoming common. The suggested solution in the novel is exclusive and described with academic expertise in a rare mix with abbergasting creativity. Readers will find themselves on an original ride through the lives, love and death of the main characters. One would hope that the book could influence EU politicians to once and for all solve the crisis.
Manuel Ahijado, Professor of Economics in Madrid.

Een verfrissend boek, deze hedendaagse bevrijding van Europa met een lach en een traan...' is steevast de reactie van vroege lezers van de nieuwe roman van Rita Dulci Rahman en Jose Miguel Andreu. Niet verwonderlijk, want door de combinatie van de Nederlandse en de Spaanse achtergrond van de twee schrijvers en hun wereldwijde werkervaring is de vooruitblik in de roman op Europa in 2020 een spannend avontuur. De orginele oplossing van de Euro-crisis die in het verhaal onder spanning vorm krijgt, zal hopelijk politici inspireren, maar belangrijker is dat het de lezers een zucht van verlichting zal doen slaken ... het komt goed met Europa en de Euro!